You can preorder Intel Alder Lake gaming CPUs now, ahead of next week’s release

Intel processors have largely played second fiddle to AMD’s Ryzen chips over the last couple of years, in just about every market you can think of. That could all change today, however, following team blue’s official reveal of its Alder Lake gaming CPUs at Intel Innovation. The company claims its 12th generation processors offer some serious improvements over its previous Rocket Lake components and could, finally, provide some serious competition to AMD, starting at $264 USD.

Pre-orders for the Alder Lake processors will go live following the conclusion of Intel Innovation, but you might want to be quick amid chip shortages if you want to snag one for your gaming PC! If you’re not sure which CPU to go for, then read on for our breakdown of each chip announced today.

All of Intel’s 12th generation components will require a new motherboard with an LGA1700 socket, each of which support PCIe Gen 5 and DDR5 gaming RAM. However, you’ll be able to migrate your DDR4 RAM over to your new build, provided your motherboard supports it.

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