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Jenna Coleman, who plays one of Xenoblade Chronicles’ primary characters, has hinted that there may be another entry in the series on the way at some point.

Doctor Who and Victoria actress Jenna Coleman has suggested that Xenoblade Chronicles 3 could be in development in a video call with a fan that has started doing the rounds online (cheers, VGC).

“I think they’re going to do another,” she said in the chat. “Common knowledge? Don’t know… Yeah I think they’re going to do another… Not sure if I’m allowed to say that.”

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Coleman, who plays Princess Melia Antiqua in the series, has been working with Nintendo since her “pre-Dr Who days”, and the question came up in the chat when she was asked how she got the role in the first place.

“It was through my voiceover agent and I did it… god, when was the first game? Ten years ago? It was a long time ago. I did it pre-Doctor Who days and then when they did the second one, they asked me to come back.”

The beloved Wii role-playing adventure first released in Japan on June 10, 2010, and found a niche audience initially before gaining something of a cult status a bit further down the line.

Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition, which launched on Nintendo Switch in 2020, featured bonus content for which Coleman reprised her role, and hints towards more stories that could be told in the game’s world.

In our review, our own Alex Donaldson noted that “Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition lives up to its name, providing the absolute best version of this modern Japanese RPG classic to date.”

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