WoW Classic player got 60 characters to level 60 before Burning Crusade launched

A dedicated player has spent around a year and a half levelling 60 characters to level 60 in WoW Classic, even wrapping up two days before the Burning Crusade server went live.

Reddit user Rommildrey explains on the MMORPG’s subreddit that they initially started by levelling 100 characters to level 100 in World of Warcraft’s Warlords of Draenor expansion. It was easy enough to do thanks to the ‘recruit a friend’ feature, heirloom gear, and a “more smoothed out” levelling experience, but it wasn’t satisfying, they say. Rommildrey finds that that levelling in vanilla World of Warcraft is the slowest and hardest it’s been in the series, so they were instantly drawn to the challenge of raising 60 characters to level 60.

“I was motivated the whole way through because I knew that I wanted to do it, I knew it was going to scratch that itch and make me stop wanting to do big insane projects like this,” they say. “I think it worked, I only kind of want to do 70 70s for Burning Crusade.”

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