Wolfenstein 3 may be getting multiplayer

Wolfenstein, Indiana Jones, and this week’s unexpected Quake remake developer MachineGames has got a new triple-A game in the works, and it may be the studio’s first game with multiplayer. Seeing as its Indiana Jones game has already been announced, it’s entirely possible that Wolfenstein 3 might be the game getting multiplayer – for the first time since 2009.

According to the Zenimax job listings site (via Exputer), developer MachineGames is hiring an AI programmer for its “next upcoming triple-A game” working with the studio’s Engine team. Mostly it’s standard stuff, but the smoking gun comes in the ‘preferred skills’ section: “Understanding of multiplayer bots as human replacements.”

With the exception of the co-op focused Wolfenstein: Youngblood – which was mostly made by Dishonored and Deathloop developer Arkane Studios – the Wolfenstein series hasn’t had a multiplayer component since Raven’s 2009 game, so this would be a first for MachineGames if Wolfenstein 3 is indeed getting a multiplayer side. Assuming, of course, that this job listing is for Wolfenstein 3.

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