Hello, dear reader. Somehow another week has passed and it is Friday again, which means before we all knock off for the weekend it’s time to present our Definitely Not a Podcast Video Chat series.

This is the sixth episode we’ve done so far and we still don’t have a proper name, but who’s counting?

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Wait. It’s us. We’re counting.

Anyway, this week’s episode features Dorrani, Alex, and Sherif, and this handsome trio is chatting about the week that was – and somehow we don’t spend any time talking about a proper name for this feature. One day we’ll get around to that… one day. If you’ve got any name ideas for when this becomes a proper podcast, let us know in the comments.

In the episode, we talk about the games we’ve been playing over the last week including Pokemon Unite, The Ascent, The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, and the Final Fantasy 1-3 Pixel Remasters – all out this week.

We also talk a little about the week’s news, touching on the upcoming Halo Infinite multiplayer technical test, the awful ongoing revelations around Activision Blizzard, and the founding of new blockbuster studio That’s No Moon.

If you want to know what’ll be in the plan for the coming weeks and months of this show, be sure to check out our full video game release dates page. Otherwise, watch this – and we’ll see you next week!

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