Where to place Fortnite welcome signs in Pleasant Park or Lazy Lake

Wondering where to place the welcome signs in Pleasant Park or Lazy Lake in Fortnite? The latest season of Fortnite has introduced aliens to the game, including the Kymera race which players can customise to create their own unique extra terrestrial. Unlock different Kymera parts by collecting Fortnite alien artifacts each week (which are also found in cosmic chests) – don’t worry about missing a week, as the artifacts will stay in their designated spots until the season ends.

The best way to welcome our new alien overlords is to put down welcome signs around some of Pleasant Park and Lazy Lake’s finest locations. There are nine locations where welcome signs can be placed, however you only need to pick two of these spots to complete the challenge. We recommend deciding where you place the signs depending on where you choose to land.

With this challenge out of the way, you’ll be on your way to earning some of the new Fortnite skins in the battle pass. It’s worth familiarising yourself with the new Fortnite guns as these weapons can be useful against any enemies in the area. Here are the spots where you can place the welcome signs in Pleasant Park and Lazy Lake.

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