Where to find the cosmic chests in Fortnite

Looking for the cosmic chests in Fortnite? Chances are that you are playing the battle royale game with friends. That’s good, because there’s a new exclusive collectible that can only be found when playing with a small squad of friendlies: randomly spawning cosmic chests.

The good and bad news is that whenever a cosmic chest appears for you, it pings on the map for everyone nearby. Opening one however is a lot harder than you think, and not just because everyone in the vicinity knows where to find it. There’s a time limit to opening the cosmic chest and it requires everyone on your squad to be alive and next to the chest to open it.

The loot is extremely valuable though, particularly if you’re hunting for Fortnite alien artifacts to unlock those sweet Kymera styles. We’ll go over how Fortnite’s cosmic chests work, the rough locations where they may appear during a match, and the steps needed to open them up and claim the goodies inside.

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