Where to collect a vintage can of cat food in Fortnite

Want to know where to collect a vintage can of cat food in Fortnite? Things are definitely ramping up now with the legendary challenges, mostly thanks to Clark Kent swooping in to save the day. Doctor Slone has also made some significant progress in determining the best course of action.

This week, we’ll catch fish at fishing holes, collect a vase of flowers from Lazy Lake, harvest wood, and talk to Joey – one of the Fortnite NPCs. We’ll also be trying to find one of the cans of vintage cat food lying around both Catty Corner and Craggy Cliffs. They’re a little hard to spot, but you’re looking for a small, rusty tin can with a cat logo on the label.

You only need to find and pick up one of these cans, but there are a total of eight available for you to find on the map. Here are the locations where you can collect a vintage can of cat food so you can complete this challenge quickly.

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