Where are the Fortnite alien artifacts? Every artifact location in Season 7 Week 3

Want to know where the Fortnite alien artifacts are? The brand new season brings with it a lot of changes to the map, chief among them the presence of aliens and new alien weapons. You may also come across some alien artifacts while exploring the brand new map. These artifacts can be redeemed in the shop to customise your Fortnite Kymera styles, one of the new features in the current battle pass.

There are likely a few questions you have about these alien artifacts: what do they look like and where are they? To answer the first question, they’re small purple vials that float in the air, and collecting one gives you four alien artifact points. Once you’ve collected one of the vials, you can’t pick up another one at the same location. We believe there are five Alien Artifacts to find each week of the new season.

To help you with customising your new Kymera, we figured we’d plot every known location for the Fortnite alien artifacts that we’ve found so far now up to week 3, as well as give a detailed description for where you can find them.

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