Where are the CB radios in Fortnite?

Want to know where the CB radios are in Fortnite? There are a few Foreshadowing quests appearing in the game right now in the lead up to the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 release date. The first wave of quests gave us several broken telescopes and a downed black helicopter to find. Now some CB radios are transmitting and it’s your job to find all five.

Unlike many of the location quests in Fortnite, such as the building sandcastles, or finding the ghost and shadow ruins, these locations are not marked on the map. You’re expected to do the legwork and run around the entire map before you find all five of the CB radios and use them.

But really, who’s going to do that? This guide will just tell you where to find all five of the Fortnite CB radios in order to complete this challenge, from the rough locations on the map, to the precise locations for each of the devices themselves.

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