What is FreeSync? – How you can run AMD’s tech with an Nvidia GPU

Nobody likes screen tearing when playing videogames, and while Vsync does an, er, admirable job at preventing it shall we say, we need something more robust that doesn’t tank our game’s performance in the process. Nvidia’s G-Sync is a great option if you don’t mind paying extra for a monitor with the technology baked into the panel, but it’s difficult to not peek over the fence towards the red team and longingly look at AMD’s FreeSync alternative that doesn’t cost a dime.

It used to be the case where buying a G-Sync monitor locked you into Nvidia’s ecosystem and FreeSync into AMD’s, making it incredibly difficult to switch between the two best graphics card vendors without giving up the benefits – but not anymore!

Fortunately, Nvidia is slowly but surely opening up its G-Sync technology to allow owners of FreeSync monitors to benefit from its Adaptive Sync approach with their Nvidia graphics card, and even permitting AMD Radeon GPUs to tap into the green team’s proprietary tech. Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through how it all works.

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