What if: Nintendo came to PC like PlayStation, Sega, or Xbox?

Here’s my confession, loyal PCGamesN readers: Nintendo delivered my favourite presentation at E3 this year. Sure, it’s neat that there’s a Starfield release date and all, but an original 2D Metroid is finally coming out after all these years, and I couldn’t be more excited. It won’t have high frame rate options or support 4K resolution (even with an OLED Switch), and we won’t be able to play it with a mouse and keyboard or mods. Unless… maybe it would and we could?

You buy Nintendo systems to play Nintendo games, and Nintendo games only exist on Nintendo systems. But as we’ve seen with every one of Nintendo’s major competitors in the console wars over the decades, the platform lines aren’t as solidly drawn as they once were. Sega’s now a multiplatform software company, Sony’s bringing both recent triple-A releases and some of its older catalogue to PC, and Microsoft is treating consoles and computers as part of the same Xbox ecosystem.

What if Nintendo followed in those footsteps? Obviously, there would be a ton of positives, from improved performance to mod support, but Nintendo’s known for never quite giving the fans exactly what they want.

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