Watch a Dwarf Fortress goblin raid go disastrously wrong

Long-time fans of Dwarf Fortress will be familiar with goblin raids. Once you’ve established a thriving base, the riches you produce within it becomes irresistible to the violent little brutes, and they come in massive hordes to take it. Dwarf Fortress co-developer Zach Adams has shown off a simple way of dealing with them in the new version of the colony management game due out on Steam (at some point).

Adams’ fort is dug into the cliffs that line a waterfall gorge, and it has two upper entrances, both covered by lever-operated hatches. Under normal circumstances, the hatch that’s open leads down a long stairway that leads to the water’s surface below the waterfall, where there are store rooms, workshops, and meeting areas immediately accessible.

However, when a raid draws near, Adams directs his dwarves to close that hatch and open the one covering the other entrance. The goblins head straight for it, not realising that it isn’t just a normal entry into the fortress – instead, this one leads to a long hallway that doubles back on itself and is absolutely jam-packed with lethal traps.

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