War For Wakanda adds 7-8 hours of story content to Marvel’s Avengers

It’s fair to say that Square Enix’s Marvel’s Avengers has had a rough time since its release last year, but developer Crystal Dynamics is hoping to tempt PC players back with the upcoming War For Wakanda expansion – which will apparently clock in at around 7-8 hours of gameplay, the biggest DLC yet for the Marvel game.

Despite a successful launch that made Avengers one of the best-selling games of 2020 – not to mention being released alongside the incredibly successful Marvel Cinematic Universe – the game had a rough launch and has been lacking in regular content updates ever since.

However, the one thing most players praised about Marvel’s Avengers was the story campaign, and next month’s War For Wakanda expansion adds a hefty amount of single-player/co-op content to that story – which is especially welcome after the disappointingly short Hawkeye expansions. According to Entertainment Weekly (via Marvel’s Avengers Updates) the expansion will bring the game’s total story content to around 25 hours.

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