Victoria 3 fans are worried they can’t hoard weapons anymore

Other than a small break during the middle of July, Victoria 3 developer diaries have been continuing every week as the devs reveal more and more of the upcoming grand strategy game’s key features. The past couple of weeks have looked at things like laws and institutions, but this week’s diary tackles something that’s at the heart of the series’ 19th century theme – global markets.

Victoria 2’s economic system is notorious for being overly complex and prone to collapsing should the wrong nation start outproducing everyone else, but Victoria 3’s economic model has been redesigned from the ground up to offer a better solution for a myriad of problems. One of the key changes to Victoria 3’s economic system is the removal of ‘stockpiles’ – the mechanic of storing produced goods for use at a later date – which has some fans worried about the implications on warfare.

Military goods have always held a separate, and sometimes awkward, place in Victoria’s pantheon of modelled products that could be bought and sold on the global market. They are largely a waste during peacetime, and in high demand whenever anyone’s fighting a major war. Stockpiling weapons ahead of time – some argue – is a legitimate and historically authentic tactic that can especially be useful for smaller nations.

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