Valheim’s shields are changing with the Hearth and Home update

As you may know, Valheim has a major update on the way. Called Hearth and Home, it’s the next big milestone on the Valheim updates roadmap, and we’ve already seen that it’ll make some changes to how blocking and staggering, food, and gold hoarding will work, thanks to some explainers developer Iron Gate’s been sharing. Now, we’ve got the lowdown on some changes coming to an important bit of every Viking’s kit: shields.

In a new preview clip (below), the studio explains that tower shields will be getting a “significant buff” – these being the shield type that boast high blocking power but can’t be used to parry incoming attacks. “Compared to other shields in the game, they’ll now have a lot more knockback,” Iron Gate says. This means tower shields will be the go-to type if you’re keen on a more defensive playstyle, and they’ll offer you a better chance to staying alive even when the enemy hordes come attacking in droves.

“The tower shield is safe and slow, but with the new knockback tweaks, it’s a good choice for a tank,” Iron Gate adds.

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