Valheim’s Hearth and Home update will change how you approach food

Snacking is one of my favourite pastimes in Valheim – heck, the server I play on even has a snack shack we lovingly keep stocked up – though what you eat in the Viking game is about to have a more significant influence on what you get up to. Developer Iron Gate is pulling back the curtain on the upcoming Hearth and Home update, revealing titbits on Twitter of what’s to come.

The new update is going to change how food works in Valheim. You’ll notice that each slice of grub will have a coloured fork next to it: red means it’ll replenish your health, yellow means it’ll benefit your stamina, and white means you’re getting the best of both. Currently, eating some snacks in Valheim helps your health and energy in equal amounts.

Your food bar is also disappearing in the Hearth and Home update, and you’re getting a timer next to the food you eat to tell you when you need to eat more. Once those icons are halfway to depleted, they’ll start blinking.

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