Total War: Warhammer 3’s Grand Cathay campaign is all about maintaining harmony

Total War: Warhammer III introduces the eastern empire of Grand Cathay to the strategy game’s expanding roster of factions, and developer Creative Assembly has now revealed some fresh new details about how its campaign gameplay will work. As a Cathayan leader, you’ll be focused primarily on two things: maintaining a harmonious balance within the empire, and making sure the indomitable Great Bastion in the north remains intact.

As the latest Total War blog post explains, Grand Cathay players will always need to be mindful of balance – and to help with that, they’ll have a big bar at the top of the screen. Each time they pick a lord, construct a building, or research a new tech, the point they’re at on the balance bar will shift slightly.

Keeping it close to or at the centre results in special bonuses, such as the ability to call on ancient ancestor spirits to help out on the battlefield. But since nearly every decision you make influences that balance, it’s going to be awfully tricky to maintain for more than a couple of turns.

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