Total War: Warhammer 2 – The Silence and the Fury DLC review

The final Total War: Warhammer II DLC is upon us, and what a ride the last three and a bit years have been. We’ve had dino stacks, rat stacks, sphinx stacks, dragon stacks, and even walking pirate ship stacks. But the time has come to bid a fond farewell, and what better send-off than revisiting the first ever Total War: Warhammer DLC race, the Beastmen. All aboard the minobus, destination doom.

The Silence and the Fury sees metal minotaur, Taurox, race to find the Heart of the Dark, a monumental Beastmen herdstone capable of plunging the world into an age of slaughter. But hot on his trail is Oxyotl, the chameleon skink hunter, hoping to put a dart in the brass bull before he unleashes said ritual. It’s a good setup, but as with recent lord packs it’s mainly there to establish the final battle between Taurox and Oxyotl.

At the centre of this new lord pack lies the long-awaited Beastmen rework, and while it’s tricky to wrap your head around, rest assured it solves a good deal of Total War: Warhammer’s horde gameplay issues. Essentially, Taurox raises a herdstone – similar to a Norscan or Wood Elf outpost – in a destroyed settlement, which establishes a bloodgrounds in adjacent regions. Razing settlements and fighting battles in this area racks up Marks of Destruction (the Beastmen victory resource) that in turn grants more armies and herdstones.

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