Today in Crusader Kings 3: A giant, sadistic, Viking Pope

Crusader Kings III is an excellent grand strategy game, for the sole reason of the stories and characters it generates through purely organic means. It’s unique amongst Paradox’s strategy stable in that it focuses on people, not polities, and due to the built-in RNG you can come away from a session with some very quirky tales to tell.

Today’s edition of ‘stuff what happened in CK3’ involves a Reddit user who shared the fact that their game now has a giant, bad-ass looking Norwegian Pope who’s apparently sadistic, cynical, and possesses a prowess stat that’s higher than their learning stat – the latter being very important for a Pope, you would think.

I imagine a real Scandinavian Pope, even in the medieval period, probably wouldn’t look like they’d just stepped off a longship, but then we can’t know that because there has never been a Pope from Scandinavia. As far as I can tell, the region only got its first ever cardinal (the rank before Pope) in 2017 when Pope Francis appointed Lars Anders Arborelius, who is also the Bishop of Stockholm.

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