Thrustmaster controllers are about to get pricier, so grab one while they’re cheap

We all know that the pandemic has a lot to answer for in the gaming world, including a severe shortage of GPUs and CPUs, huge events being cancelled, and some seriously long delays to much-anticipated games. But it seems we’re still feeling the effects a year and a half later, with gamepad and steering wheel giant Thrustmaster announcing today that a shortage of components is forcing it to raise its prices.

The brand announced on its Twitter channel that all of its products will be subject to a price increase “this summer”, necessitated by the same production and supply chain problems that have plagued hardware manufacturers since early last year.

It’s not yet clear how much prices will rise to compensate for these issues, and in the statement, the brand stresses that this will be a “temporary” adjustment. What is clear is that customers will see a distinct bump in cost across all Thrustmaster products until at least 2022.

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