This Total Warhammer 2 modder has turned Archaon’s frown upside down

With all the Warhammer III hype and the introduction of four distinct chaos factions, it can be easy to forget about Archaon, the original everchosen of Chaos from Total War: Warhammer and the mortal empires game mode. If you’re worried the iconic Chaos warlord hasn’t been getting much love recently, Total War modder Okoii has come to brighten your day.

Archaon is one of the principal leaders of the Chaos Warriors faction, and is considered a rather grim fellow. You would be, with that much anger and self-entitlement. Now, thanks to this truly cursed Warhammer 2 mod, you can experience a happier Archaon by turning his frown upside down!

Not literally, but Okoii has essentially flipped Archaon’s helmet model a full 180, keeping the eyes in place but causing the glowing recess in his forehead to look like a mouth. While using this mod, Archaon walks about the world in a perpetual state of mild bemusement. The Chaos Warriors are prominent in Warhammer 1 and the mortal empires campaign available in Warhammer 2.

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