This super handy Stardew Valley mod lets you edit the map in-game

It takes a little while to rack up enough cash and levels in Stardew Valley to make a bunch of big changes to your farm, and even then, not everything is easily or fully customisable. But, a super handy new Stardew Valley mod is here to help you edit aspects of the farming game’s map from the get-go if you’re keen to do some major chopping and changing.

Modder Aedenthorn’s ‘Map Editor’ mod for Stardew Valley lets you “easily make edits to a map in-game by copying and pasting any tile to another location on the map”, as they explain on its download page. The way it works is so simple but pretty powerful in the customisability it offers. You just boot up editing mode by hitting the key you’ve assigned (F10 by default), select an existing tile in the game’s map, hit the assigned copy key, move to the ‘target’ tile, and paste it there.

You can easily revert changes you’ve made by highlighting the relevant tile and and hitting the delete key, and when you’re done you simply exit the mode, and you’re good to go.

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