This popular Skyrim mod overhauls alchemy and adds “powerful” new effects

It’s always fun to see what dazzling new player-made creations are popping off on Nexus Mods, and this week there’s one particular ‘hot mod’ for Skyrim that looks ideal if you’re looking to enhance your experience as an alchemist Dragonborn.

Simon Magus and DeltaRider’s new ‘Apothecary – An Alchemy Overhaul’ mod – which is currently sat in one of the top ‘hot mod’ spots on the fantasy game’s slice of Nexus’ catalogue – is a complete rework of Skyrim’s alchemy system, which is “designed to balance existing potions and poisons while adding powerful new alchemical effects”. The way it does this is, firstly, by rebalancing the magnitude of alchemy ingredients. Because of this, you won’t have to keep cross-checking their potencies or worry about chasing down rarer items with higher potencies to level up and make the best brews.

The mod also dials down the value of found, bought, and player-crafted potions “significantly”, while also making sure you’ll level at a rate higher than that in the base game. Additionally, it “rebalances generic potions so that their strongest and weakest variants match the potency of player-created potions”.

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