They put full Sonic levels and a Chao Garden in this Minecraft DLC

They won’t put the Chao Garden in Sonic anymore, so I guess it’s up to this Minecraft DLC to correct that problem. Yes, there is now Sonic the Hedgehog DLC available in the Marketplace for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, and it adds a robust set of Sonic-themed content for the ubiquitous block-builder.

The pack is available for $7.99 USD, and contains a set of 25 skins ranging from Sonic to Mighty the Armadillo which you can use in any world. There’s also a set of original levels you can jump into that recreate locations like Green Hill Zone inside of Minecraft, complete with speed-driven course filled with enemies, boost pads, secrets to find, rings to collect, and loops to, er, loop. And yes, as the trailer confirms, there is a Chao Garden, so our post-Tamagotchi dreams can live again.

This DLC pack is designed by the folks at Game Mode One, who previously built Minecraft crossovers with How to Train Your Dragon and Pac-Man, as well as original Marketplace content like Bloom and Advanced Mining.

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