Do you have nostalgia for the original Xbox? A new pair of wired controllers that are modeled after the classic Duke controller are up for preorder. Made by Hyperkin, these accessories are intended to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Xbox. There's a black one and a white one, plus a translucent purple one celebrating Cortana, the AI assistant from the Halo series. Preorders are available now. The controllers will ship December 15 and carry an MSRP of $89.99.

Preorder Duke Controller 20th Anniversary Limited Edition

Note that these are wired controllers, and they can't be played wirelessly. That said, the wire is removable for storage purposes. For the white and black models, the original Xbox startup animation plays right on the controller's Xbox button. For the purple one, you'll see a Cortana montage play in the same spot.

The bumper buttons mirror the black and white buttons. You can plug in a headset using the 3.5mm jack. The controllers feature vibration and have precision analog triggers.

Given the price and the form factor, these controllers won't appeal to everyone. But if you're an Xbox gamer of a certain age, there's an undeniable appeal to these throwback designs. Currently, Amazon has the purple and black model up for preorder. The listing is live for the white one, but it's not available to preorder at the time of this writing.

In other news, Microsoft has an official 20th anniversary Xbox controller and matching headset available for preorder (out November 15). You can also still buy some of Hyperkin's previous Duke-style controllers, including a translucent green one (on sale for $49.99) and a translucent red one for $69.99.

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