The Shadowrun Trilogy of cyberpunk RPGs is free on GOG this weekend

The Shadowrun Trilogy is free this weekend, and it’s a series of RPG games you definitely don’t want to miss. You can claim your copy of the trilogy between now and Sunday over on GOG, and head straight into the a near future where magic is real and hacking is a way of life.

As the name implies, the trilogy includes three individual games: Shadowrun Returns, Shadowrun: Dragonfall – Director’s Cut, and Shadowrun: Hong Kong. They’re all well worth your time. Set in 2054, Shadowrun plays with both science fiction and fantasy and cyberpunk ideas, blending them all together into something truly unique. Shadowrun Returns begins in Seattle, and you play as a shadowrunner – basically, a mercenary with a set of specific skills that manage to keep the bills paid.

The Shadowrun games let you play as a human, but also as an elf, ork, dwarf, or troll. You can pick a class, or choose to go classless. You can focus your character on magic, physical weaponry, or tech, and it all plays out in turn-based tactical battles brought to life in a painterly cyber-noir style.

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