The Samsung CRG5 1080p 144Hz curved gaming monitor is 46% off on Amazon

There’s nothing quite like replacing your 60Hz display with one of the best gaming monitors that sports a higher refresh rate. While the ability to game at 1440p or 4K on your gaming PC is an undeniably sharper experience, it comes at the cost of fps, which is arguably more important for esports titles. If you’re someone who plays competitive FPS or MOBA games, then the Samsung CRG5 24-inch 1080p 144Hz curved gaming monitor may be a perfect fit for your needs. Better still, it’s just under half price on Amazon US.

The 46% discount brings this display down to just $149.99, from its $279.99 list price, saving you a chunk of change to the tune of $130. This should leave you with more than enough cash to grab a gaming mouse – after all, high polling rates are just as significant as your newly acquired high refresh rate.

If you’re a UK shopper, Amazon UK are offering a 16% discount on the CRG5, making it £151.97, a reduction of £28.02 from its £179.99 price tag.

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