The new Tom Clancy’s title is an FPS game – and there’s footage

Yesterday, Ubisoft teased that “a brand-new game in the Tom Clancy’s universe” would be revealed later today. That reveal’s not due to happen until 11am PT / 2pm ET / 7pm BST, but a whole bunch of streamers and content creators have been given some snippings of footage to share right now, giving us a taste of the mystery title ahead of time. It turns out this Tom Clancy title is an FPS game that looks to be coming to PC, and you can get a peek at it below.

From the snapshots of footage posted so far – which you can check out via the various tweet embeds below – it looks like the game has elements that are somewhat reminiscent of Call of Duty. From the keyboard and mouse controls that appear on all the footage, it looks a safe bet it’ll be heading to PC, and with a bunch of different characters tearing around the maps shown, it appears it’ll have some form of multiplayer, too.

The different clips also seem to show different game modes, with Karnage Clan content creator Ryan B’s footage showing a zone being captured and contested, with what looks like five capture zones in total, going by the UI icons. Steamer Holo’s footage seems to show something similar, with a player defending a zone in some kind of subway station.

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