The games in which audio makes all the difference

As gaming has improved over the years, players have developed a higher awareness of the importance of peripherals in enhancing their gameplay. No matter how fun and immersive the game, no matter how good you are, a touch of lag or an unresponsive piece of tech could easily see your skills go to waste.

Having a great headset is particularly useful, especially when playing online with your friends. When you’re carefully navigating corridors in Rainbow Six Siege, for example, you’ll want to communicate with your team to let them know about dangers ahead. Having a laggy, low-quality mic just isn’t going to cut the mustard.

Even when you’re on your own, some games deserve to be experienced with high-quality headphones. Red Dead Redemption 2 is a prime example, with a world that comes alive through the sounds that hit you from all around. To truly appreciate these games, you need a quality headset. And EPOS has a range of options available no matter what kind of game you’re playing.

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