The four types of Pokémon Trading Card Game Trainer you’ll meet on your journey

Just as the hundreds of Pokémon Trainers exploring the videogame series’ many regions are a diverse bunch – Sci-Fi Maniacs, Swimmers, and Bug Catchers, oh my – the vast global community of Pokémon TCG fans contains cardslingers of every description. With millions of players the world over, you’re never short of opponents for your Pokémon TCG battles – and you’re liable to have a slightly different experience every single time.

In fact, that’s one of the beauties of the game: it welcomes all sorts, from those who simply dig the nostalgic artwork and like to gaze lovingly at their cards, to fresh-faced young Trainers testing out their first decks, and grizzled Pokémon TCG competitors with multiple tournament titles under their belts.

Before you grab your first deck, your trusty flipping coin, and your lucky red-and-white baseball cap, and venture out into the long grass, we’ve put together this handy spotter’s guide to introduce you to the main types of Trainers you’re likely to encounter in your journey through the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

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