The FFXIV community will help you solve the fashion report, every week

If you, like me, have recently started your journey through Final Fantasy XIV, you might also be extremely confused by basically everything going on with the Manderville Gold Saucer. This casino features a host of minigames that earn MGP, which in turn you can use to buy exclusive cosmetics. The weekly Fashion Report is one of the best ways to rack up MGP, but it’s also the one that requires the most extra effort and research.

Luckily, members of the FFXIV community are willing to do that research so you don’t have to. Each Fashion Report asks players to put together a look that matches a stated theme. Themes are given out on Tuesdays at 1am PDT / 4am EDT / 9am BST, and you can take your outfit to be judged starting Fridays at 1am PDT / 4am EDT / 9am BST. You can make four attempts for a good judgement.

Players typically hit the FFXIV subreddit to trade theories about the most effective outfits, and user kaiyoko collates the results into an image that best gear to pick out for the judgement every Friday. There’ll typically be a simple outfit that earns you the 80 points necessary to get the basic MGP reward, and a more challenging set of gear to acquire for the full 100 points.

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