The Diablo Immortal closed beta has gone live alongside multiple significant changes and gameplay additions made to the game that drastically alter the experience those invited to the beta will have. These changes include a new Necromancer class, some new PvE game modes, an PvP mode that pits groups of players against immortals, and controller support. This beta is set to last for “just under three months”.

The Necromancer is a newly added class to Diablo Immortal, one of the six that will be available on launch. This returning class was first introduced in Diablo 2, and allows players to control the forces of the dead and use them to ravage enemies in their path.

Then there’s the Cycle of Strife update. In this update, players will be able to come together to form a Dark House and battle against other player-made Dark Houses in the Rite of Exile. Those who win the Rite of Exile are able to proceed to a large PvP battle where one player takes the form of a powerful immortal who must fend off 30 other players, all looking to take them out.

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