The best Warzone Oden loadout

Looking for the best Warzone Oden loadout? There aren’t many Warzone guns capable of delivering a two-shot kill, but the Oden is technically one of those. Many Warzone players have been sleeping on one of the best assault rifles in Warzone as it fires very slowly and has a lot of recoil, but if you can land your shots you’ll find yourself downing enemies with minimal effort.

The Oden has spiked in popularity recently after a number of prominent content creators have made videos showcasing the weapon’s frightening DPS potential, but it’s always been one of the most powerful pieces of kit in the battle royale game.

Our best Warzone Oden loadout will require some grinding to grab all of the best attachments, but once you’ve got them all you’ll be able to take down snipers with a quick burst of fire. The Oden does struggle in close-quarters battles, so we’ve also paired it with our best SMG in Warzone build. Alternatively, the best Sykov loadout works well with the Oden.

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