The best Warzone AK47 loadout

Are you looking for the best AK47 loadout in Warzone? The AK47 has never been one of the best weapons in Call of Duty’s battle royale game, though it looks like things are finally changing in Warzone Season 3. Not only is the Cold War AK47 now viable in the current meta, the Modern Warfare AK47 is a threat when built to focus on long range encounters.

There are a couple of ways most people choose to spec the Modern Warfare AK47. You can either strip it down so it behaves like one of the best Warzone SMGs, but the recoil is too high to land many shots with, or you can build it into an RPK-like Warzone LMG, which will lead to hefty aim down sight times. We’ve gone for the latter approach for the Modern Warfare variant, but with a couple of caveats that we feel make it genuinely viable.

This guide contains loadouts for both the Modern Warfare and Cold War variants of the AK47. The Warzone Season 3 meta is going through an experimental phase right now, reintroducing the classic AK47 back into the fold.

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