The best Total War: Warhammer 2 DLC

Total War: Warhammer II DLC has been keeping us going while we waited for the Warhammer 3 announcement. Now that the final game is coming, we know there’s definitely one more pack coming before DLC support for the second game ends, After that it’ll be all hands on deck for the threequel.

Warhammer 2 expansions involve a mixture of big, encompassing add-ons and smaller ‘set-piece’ scenarios between two legendary lords. The early years saw other areas of the map fleshed out, such as in Rise of the Tomb Kings and Curse of the Vampire Coast, but in later years it was more about the smaller, more narrative focused content drops.

That still leaves a fair amount of add-ons that need evaluating, so we’ve put together this guide to help you decide which expansions are worth grabbing straight away, and which are worth skipping or at least waiting for a sale to drop. The closer we get to Warhammer 3’s release date though, the cheaper these add-ons will get, so patience is a virtue in this case.

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