The best RPD loadout in Warzone

Searching for the best RPD LMG loadout in Warzone? The introduction of the MG 82 has sparked an LMG resurgence, prompting many Warzone players to try out the RPD. This Cold War gun was largely ignored due to the power of the best Stoner 63 loadout at the time, but these two weapons couldn’t be less alike.

Now that the MG 82 has finally been nerfed, the RPD has emerged as the first choice LMG for players looking for a weapon with a massive mag size. The RPD has very similar base stats to the Krig 6, one of the best all-rounder assault rifles in the battle royale game. What makes the RPD special is its impressive mobility stats – for a weapon that holds 75 bullets in each magazine, the aim down sight speed and movement speed are surprisingly high.

The MG 82 wasn’t the only overpowered gun introduced in Warzone Season 4, the deadly nail gun has an incredibly fast time to kill speed and yet still hasn’t been nerfed. Here’s everything you need to know about the best RPD loadout in Warzone.

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