The best Pelington 703 Warzone loadout

Do you want the best Pelington loadout in Warzone? The Pelington 703 is a sniper rifle that, with the best Warzone loadout options selected, can be utterly devastating in the right hands. Is it the best Warzone sniper rifle out there? Probably not, but it does pack a punch.

The Pelington 703 boasts high bullet velocity and aim down sight speed, and as it’s capable of downing an armoured opponent with a single headshot, good travel time means landing that fatal shot is a lot easier. Like the Kar98k and Swiss K31, this is a pocket sniper that’s best used for landing snapshots, so you should be confident in your aim if you want to get the best out of it.

It could be a decent alternative to the AX-50 if you’re looking for something a little faster. So to ensure that your shots have the best chance at taking out your target, here’s the best Pelington 703 Warzone loadout for the Call of Duty battle royale game.

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