The best New World fire staff build for PvP and PvE

Want to know what the best New World fire staff builds are for PvP and PvE? After spending some time with the new MMO game, and we’ve concluded that magic weapons such as the fire staff are among the best New World weapons in the game right now. It’s an excellent option for those who want to dish out a ton of damage in the DPS role.

When it comes to building a loadout for New World, you will need to spend time levelling up weapons, carefully assigning attribute points, and making choices for which skills you’re going to use in battle. Weapons that share a common attribute synergise particularly well. You’d naturally think that magic weapons like fire staves and ice gauntlets work well together, and they do, but there are also a few other weapons that synergise well when built correctly, so there are more viable options than you may think.

Fire staves are, of course, not the only weapon option in New World. We have guides for the best New World tank build, using the sword and shield, the best New World rapier build, and the best New World hatchet build if you’d rather spec into a more melee-focused DPS build. This guide will go over both the best fire staff PvP build and the best fire staff PvE build.

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