The best MP5 Warzone setup

Want to know the best MP5 Warzone attachments and setup? It’s no surprise that one of the strongest submachine guns in core multiplayer is also one of the best SMGs in Warzone – but now that all the Call of Duty Cold War weapons have been integrated with Warzone in Season One, there are now two different MP5s available to equip. No need for confusion, though; we’re here to help you get the best out of both weapons with mods.

Both MP5s are relatively easy to unlock; the Cold War MP5 is available from level 4, and the Modern Warfare MP5 at level 12. There isn’t too much difference between the two; both have great mobility and damage up close, though the CW MP5 feels slightly better at mid-range. They share a solid rate of fire, and similar, easy-to-manage vertical recoil; if you’re used to the MW MP5, you’ll need to adjust slightly as the CW MP5 recoil doesn’t drift to the right like the MW MP5 does. With attachments, the ADS time on the MW MP5 is slightly faster, but the reload time is far better on the CW MP5.

Both are excellent choices for a secondary weapon – you’ll want to use the Overkill perk to run your chosen MP5 with a long-range weapon too; we recommend incorporating them into a DMR loadout. A Warzone assault rifle combo also works well with the MP5, so consider our Warzone Kilo 141, Warzone M4A1, and Warzone FAL setups.

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