The best MG 82 loadout in Warzone

Searching for the best MG82 loadout in Warzone? The battle royale game is no stranger to powerful LMGs, but this new weapon introduced in Warzone Season 4 might just be the best one yet. One of the goals highlighted by the developers in the most recent patch notes is to make the time-to-kill higher for every weapon in the game; it looks like they may have forgotten about this goal when designing the MG 82…

The latest season of Warzone has introduced a new travel system to ‘80s Verdansk, but it works very differently to the subway system in modern Verdansk. Unlike the subway which would take players from A to B, the Warzone red door locations seem to drop players in one of 12 specific locations. If you do walk through the red door, be prepared to pick up lots of loot, as there are a number of orange supply boxes placed as rewards for adventurous players.

The MG 82 LMG can be unlocked through the free battle pass. The same method can also be used to unlock the best C58 loadout, though you will have to complete a special challenge to get the deadly nail gun. Here’s everything you need to know about the best MG82 loadout in Warzone.

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