The best Marshal loadout in Warzone

Wondering how to unlock the Marshal in Warzone? This chunky secondary firearm is one of the new weapons coming to Warzone Season 5. It’s a hand-loaded double barrel pistol that blasts 12 gauge shells into enemies that’s extremely potent at close range. You can even get a one-shot kill if you’re particularly skilled with it.

Warzone Season 5 also brings a whole bunch of balance changes to the best Warzone guns, and some new weapons. We’ll go more into the EM2 assault rifle and the Tec-9 SMG in other guides, especially as it’s a bit early to tell how they fit in with the best Warzone assault rifles and best Warzone SMGs respectively.

The Marshal can be unlocked using two methods: one is to pick up the in-game bundle with a unique blueprint variant in the store, but the other is to complete an in-game challenge to grab the free base weapon for yourself. To unlock the Marshal, all you need to do is land a headshot kill using a pistol across 15 completed matches. Give our best Warzone pistol guide a read to make this challenge significantly easier.

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