The best EU4 mods

With over seven thousand EU4 mods – the top one hundred of which having anywhere between 10K – 300K subscribers – trying to tweak your game can seem like an intimidating experience. Thankfully, it’s hard to go wrong with the quality of the modding community for Europa Universalis IV. They’ve somehow managed to make an already replayable game even more replayable, if you can imagine that.

So instead of gawking at the sheer quantity and quality of mods, let’s look at how easy it is to enhance the vanilla game across a range of categories to get any megalomaniac started on a fuller EU4 experience. In days gone by you’d have had to grab mods directly from the Paradox forums and get into the weeds of placing files here and there.

Thankfully for EU4 getting mods has become as easy as shopping on Amazon Prime thanks to the Steam Workshop integration. You might find some mods still host themselves separately but all of the popular ones at least will automatically be downloaded onto the launcher once you subscribe. Let’s take a look. A word of caution – due to the commotion caused by the most recent EU4 patch and the Leviathan DLC, many EU4 mods are sticking to Version 1.30 in terms of compatibility – you’ll need to rollback your game to play with most of them.

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