The best EM2 loadout in Warzone

Searching for the best EM2 loadout in Warzone? It’s always difficult for devs to get weapon balancing perfect, which is why a lot of Warzone guns either feel over or underpowered at launch. The EM2 is the latest assault rifle to join the battle royale game’s arsenal, and it looks like this weapon may find its way onto our best assault rifles in Warzone list.

If you experiment with the stock EM2, you probably won’t think much of the weapon due to its incredibly slow aim down sight speed. Though the damage output is impressive, there’s almost no point in using the gun if you can’t line up a shot. In Warzone, standing still for three seconds is essentially a death sentence. Fortunately, we can drastically improve this weapon with some vital attachments.

Warzone Season 5 comes with a brand new battle pass, introducing the EM2 and the Tec-9 SMG to the game. To unlock the EM2 assault rifle, all you need to do is reach tier 15 on the battle pass. Here’s everything you need to build the best EM2 loadout in Warzone.

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