The best Call of Duty Vanguard MG42 loadout

Looking for the best MG42 loadout in Call of Duty Vanguard? LMGs such as the MG42 historically have two significant weaknesses: reload time and recoil management. Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do about the reload time other than suggest that you reload only when nobody’s around. However, the attachments you can equip onto the MG42 can help mitigate some of the gun’s recoil shortcomings.

The new Suppression mechanic in Vanguard makes LMGs more enticing compared to previous Call of Duty games. Suppression fire slows down your opponent’s movement when they’re shot – coordinate with your team to rack up assists by blindfiring at groups of enemies easily. With this MG42 loadout, we’re going to focus on bringing down that relatively high vertical recoil so that you can easily hit your target while firing in longer bursts.

Sometimes an attachment choice is more critical to one game mode than another, so a couple of the attachments have multiple options you can choose from, depending on your preference. There are some slots that we’ve left blank in our loadout, and there are very good reasons for this. We will explain the reasoning behind each attachment that we’ve equipped, any drawbacks that an attachment will give you, and which attachments help mitigate those penalties to the MG42’s stats.

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