The best Call of Duty Vanguard BAR loadout

Looking for the best BAR loadout in Call of Duty Vanguard? The BAR – or the Browning Automatic Rifle, if you’re feeling fancy – is a mainstay of WWII era CoD games, so its return in Vanguard comes as no surprise.

Unlike in previous CoD games, though, the M1918A2 BAR is an assault rifle, rather than an LMG. It packs a powerful punch and is able to take out enemies in two or three shots, but it does suffer from a couple of drawbacks – most notably, its high recoil may give you some trouble hitting your shots, and its rate of fire is rather sluggish, too.

The best Call of Duty Vanguard BAR loadout we’ve found upgrades the weapon’s recoil control and rate of fire. Based on our experience with the game, we also found it particularly useful to also upgrade the BAR’s mobility and accuracy in order to keep up with the fast-paced combat of modern CoD games. However, if you’re particularly struggling with the recoil, we’ve found a few alternative recommendations to help you out.

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