The best Amazon Prime Day SSD deals for your gaming PC

Amazon Prime Day is finally upon us, and we’re seeing several great deals on storage devices – even the best SSD for gaming has a hefty discount. As many game developers now recommend SSDs in system requirements for speedier loading and boot times that wipe the floor against hard drives, it’s an essential part of the best gaming PC. With these current sales, now’s the ultimate time to pick one of these super-speedy devices.

Whether you want the fastest fourth generation NVMe SSD possible, a budget NVMe drive, or a larger capacity SATA SSD for storing the entirety of your Steam library on, there’s plenty on sale across the next two days. Remember though, you’ll need a Prime membership to access these deals.

You can also check out our best Amazon Prime Day deals across all things PC hardware, or head over to our friends at The Loadout for the best Prime Day headset and microphone deals. Don’t leave it too late though, as many of these deals are likely to disappear after June 22.

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