The best Amazon Prime Day gaming keyboard deals

Gaming keyboards are leagues above their bog standard counterparts; treating your fingertips to a range of different switches, handling more than just two inputs at once, and sometimes implementing additional macro and media keys to give you greater control over your system. Thanks to Amazon Prime Day, you can currently grab one at a fraction of its list price for the next two days, but only while stocks last.

Remember to keep in mind form factor when selecting the best gaming keyboard, as you might miss the numpad if you opt for a tenkeyless option or crave USB passthroughs to manage cables better. Razer and Logitech are the standouts this year, taking chunks off their best gaming keyboards, but there are a handful from Corsair, HyperX, and Kemove to watch out for, too.

You’ll need an Amazon Prime subscription to get in on the action, as Prime Day deals are reserved for members only. Fortunately, there’s a free month-long trial for first-time subscribers, and the sheer amount of benefits make it worth continuing.

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