Episode 1 of the Australian PC Awards 2021 aired last night, but if you missed it don't sweat: Mosey on down the page and you'll find the embed, or check it out on YouTube if you prefer. Meanwhile, if good ol' text-on-a-screen is more your bag, then you can check out all the winners of the first categories on TechRadar, with verdicts on the best GPU maker and motherboard makers (spoilers: MSI and Asus respectively).

The 2021 APCAs continue tonight (Thursday, June 24) at 7:30pm AEST with Episode 2, with awards and commentary on CPUs, storage and PC systems (aka laptops and desktops)… and even more chances to win PC hardware prizes by finding the secret code word!

Tonight's prizes are worth AU$4,593. Here's what's on offer:

Gigabyte AERO 15 XC laptop worth AU$3,099
Aten UC3022 CamLive Pro worth AU$679
MSI CH130X Gaming Chair worth AU$399
MSI Sekira 100R Case worth AU$219
MSI Vigor GK50 Elite Keyboard worth AU$119
MSI GM41 Wireless Gaming Mouse worth AU$78

Prefer to watch the Awards on YouTube? Click here!


Episode #1 competition

Australian pc awards 2021

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If you watched last night's episode and found the secret code word, you'll need to click this link and submit your entry for a chance to share in AU$4,935 in PC gear. Prizes from the first episode include:

Aorus 15G YC laptop worth AU$3,499
AMD Radeon 6700XT graphics card worth AU$749
AMD Ryzen 3600 CPU worth AU$289
Corsair K70 TKL keyboard worth AU$299
Corsair Sabre Pro RGB mouse worth AU$99

Fill out the form here to enter

Please note that this competition is open to Australian residents only.

Australian PC Awards Deals

Australian PC Awards deals

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For the 2021 APCAs, the team has partnered up with this year's Awards sponsors to bring you a selection of special Aussie deals on some of the top PC hardware and software from Adata, Aftershock PC, Asus, Aten, Eset, MSI, Mwave, PC Case Gear, Razer and Western Digital including:

Laptops & PCs
Gaming keyboards
Gaming mice
Wireless routers
SSDs & hard drives

…and more!

See all the deals on TechRadar here!

About the awards

The 2021 Australian PC Awards kick off tonight, Wednesday June 23, at 7:30pm AEST. This evening's livestream is the first of three, with proceedings set to continue on Thursday and Friday evenings. Each night will bring new verdicts, prizes and shenanigans.

The APCAs celebrate the best PC hardware and components available in Australia, as voted by our expert editors across TechRadar, T3, PC PowerPlay and TechLife. If you're keen to follow along live, you can tune in here tonight, or visit this page on TechRadar, or watch on YouTube.

Why three nights? Because there are 26 categories, ranging best graphics card through to best reseller. It's a big event, and to celebrate it, the APCAs are giving away AU$15,254 worth of PC gear—a big chunk of it gaming centric. 

Check out the prizes:

australian pc awards

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  • Aorus 15G YC laptop worth AU$3,499
  • Gigabyte Aero 15 XC laptop worth AU$3,099
  • Gigabyte Aero 17 KC laptop worth AU$2,999
  • Thermaltake Citadel Gaming System PC worth AU$2,399
  • AMD Ryzen 3600 CPU worth AU$289
  • AMD Radeon 6700XT graphics card worth AU$749
  • Corsair K70 TKL keyboard worth AU$299
  • Corsair Sabre Pro RGB mouse worth AU$99
  • Aten UC3022 CamLive Pro Dual HDMI to USB-C UVC Video Capture worth AU$679
  • MSI CH130X Gaming Chair worth AU$399
  • MSI Sekira 100R Case worth AU$219
  • MSI Vigor GK50 Elite Keyboard worth AU$119
  • MSI GM41 Wireless Gaming Mouse worth AU$78
  • Corsair K70 TKL keyboard worth AU$299
  • Corsair Sabre Pro RGB mouse worth AU$99

You can read more about what's up for grabs here.

How to watch eps 2 and 3

Each episode goes live at 7:30pm AEST on this very page, on YouTube, and also at www.australianpcawards.com.au. Here's what you can expect from each broadcast:

EPISODE 1 – Wednesday June 23 @ 7:30PM AEST

Best Motherboard Maker
Best Value Motherboard
Best Premium Motherboard

Best Graphics Card Maker
Best Value Graphics Card
Best Premium Graphics Card

EPISODE 2 – Thursday June 24 @ 7:30PM AEST

Best Value CPU
Best Premium CPU

Best Internal Storage Maker
Best External Storage Maker
Best SOHO or Home NAS

Best Value Laptop or 2-in-1
Best Premium Laptop or 2-in-1
Best Gaming Laptop
Best Desktop PC Maker

EPISODE 3 – Thursday June 25 @ 7:30PM AEST

Best Memory Maker
Best Cooling Product
Best Monitor
Best Keyboard
Best Mouse
Best Gaming Headset
Best PC Case
Best Router

Best Reseller

For the person, product or technology that advanced the PC more than any other.

A reader-voted award for the Best Company, chosen from all this year's finalists.

Australian PC Awards

(Image credit: Future)

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