Stop micromanaging your Total War: Warhammer 2 aerial units with this mod

Flying units are one of the things that have made Total War’s adventures in the world of Warhammer so much fun, but they can be a bit frustrating to manage in the heat of battle. A new mod for Total War: Warhammer II takes out a lot of the micromanagement involved in fielding air units in the strategy game – all you’ve got to do is point them to an area, and they’ll take care of bombing it to smithereens.

Aerial Pursuit by paperpancake adds a new toggle button to Total War: Warhammer II’s battle screen. Clicking it will activate the mod, and the flying unit you have selected will travel to an area you select and hover above the enemy closest to the point you’ve clicked for the move order. After that, your unit will continue to follow that enemy unit around until it’s told otherwise or either unit dies.

Once your flying unit is in place, you can manually order it to use abilities or bombard the target. However, you can edit the mod’s configuration so that your units will bombard automatically, too.

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